Tuesday, April 20, 2010


please comment the following:

your timing on the 104 km run (average)

the timing you want to achieve

how to achieve the timing


  1. timing 17 mins
    wanted timing: 15 minutes
    I would save my energy at the beginning of the run, so that I would not die out at the end of the race, and I can sprint at the end. Also I'll try not to compete with Mitchel as I would run out of energy.

  2. My timing is 15 minutes
    I want to achieve 11 minutes
    I will try not to have stitch, also, I can get some techniques to run faster. Bring a bigger handkerchief too to wipe my sweat...

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  4. 14 mins, 20 s
    Wanted timing: never thought about it...maybe this is satisfactory?
    How to try and improve: bring a bottle of 100 plus, train more like jog 3km, practice being consistent.


  5. Timing: about 20 mins
    Wanted Timing: 17 mins
    I can improve by keeping my momentum when running and control my breathing. I can also lengthen even step that I run so as to cover a larger distance at a time.

  6. i'm not exactly sure what my timing is, probably 20 or so min.
    i want to get about 14 to 16 min.
    i can improve by pacing myself, making sure i don't sprint, and run out of energy later. Also try not to talk as it wastes energy.

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  8. Timing : about 14 to 15 minutes
    Target : 12 minutes
    I can try to take bigger strides.


  9. Timing: 20+ mins
    Wanted timing: 15-16 mins
    I can improve by not getting stitches and not running to fast at the start.

  10. Timing: 17.30min
    Target: 15min
    I can try to have more food the night before the run and sleep earlier. In the next run I will wear my sports shoes so I can run faster.

  11. Timing: About 20 minutes?
    Target: Between 14 to 16 minutes.

    I can try to pace myself.
    I can also continuous tell myself that it will be over soon so that is a form of motivation.

  12. Timing: 14mins25s
    Wanted Timing: 13.5mins
    I may be able to achieve my timing by training more often before the test to improve my stamina, and search the internet for existing solutions to help me run faster

  13. Sorry for the typo error!
    Timing: 14 minutes, 20 seconds
    Target: 10 minutes
    How to improve:
    Sleep and eat early the day before.
    Keep a constant pace throughout the run.
    Keep focus and not talk too much so as to save my energy.

  14. My timing is 16.5 mins.
    I want to achieve 15 or 14 mins.

    Try to pace myself.
    Drink lots of water.
    Get sleep.
    Stay focused.

  15. timing :17min+
    wanted timing: 14mins/15mins
    I think I can improve by not starting off fast, run at a slower speed for the first few minutes or I won't have the stamina for later. I don't think that I drink enough water and eat enough for breakfast. I also think that I could get more rest the night before as well.

  16. Timing:
    about 20min
    Ways to reach the target:
    Paced myself and be motivated to keeping on running/jogging.


  17. Timing 20 minutes
    Target 10 minutes

    I pushed myself to hard at the start. Must increase stamina to lead the entire time than now first half lead.